| 3 mars 2021

Digital trends and challenges in the media landscape 2021

The development of the media landscape continues to be characterised by digitalisation. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to more people turning to professional news media, while their advertising revenues continue to decline. The fourteenth edition of Nordicom’s recurring publication MedieSverige provides the reader with lots of facts and information about the Swedish media landscape.

| 25 februari 2021
| 23 februari 2021

Tiktok, tabloids or linear television – new report sheds light on different generations’ media habits

Senior citizens are continuously increasing their use of digital media, but there is still a large difference between them and younger citizens who have grown up with digital technology. This is shown by a new report by Nordicom, Mediebarometern 2019: Tema generationer [The Media Barometer 2019: Generations], where Catharina Bucht analyses age differences in the Swedish population’s media use.

| 23 februari 2021

Tiktok, tabloider eller tablå-tv – ny rapport visar generationernas skilda medievanor

Dagens pensionärer blir allt mer digitala men det finns fortfarande stora skillnader mellan dem och de som är uppväxta med digital teknik. Det visar en ny rapport från Nordicom, Mediebarometern 2019: Tema generationer, där Catharina Bucht analyserar åldersskillnader i den svenska befolkningens medieanvändning.

| 8 februari 2021
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