NYHET | 8 mar 2019

A celebration of feminist media scholars and activists

Today, on the International Women’s Day, we are highlighting one of the chapters in an upcoming anthology. The chapter explores how gender inequalities are reproduced and transformed via media.

 - It can be seen as a celebration to the work of feminist media scholars and activists, says researcher Sara De Vuyst, one of the authors of the chapter.

EVENT | 22 jan 2019

Behind the Paywall 2019

On January 23 – 24, Nordicom is hosting a cross-thematic conference on the implications of the budding market for paid-for online news. The conference will take place at the University of Gothenburg. 


NYHET | 16 nov 2018

Global studie: Friheten på nätet minskar

Under 2018 minskade friheten på internet för åttonde året i rad, enligt den årliga sammanställningen från Freedom House. Värst är situationen i Kina, medan Island och Estland är de länder som har störst nätfrihet.

PUBLIKATIONER | 8 nov 2018

Yearbook 2018: Digital Parenting

Digital Parenting. The Challanges for Families in the Digital Age is the Clearinghouse Yearbook of 2018. The book addresses the challenges and opportunities faced by parents in digital times taking into account multiple levels of digital penetration among families from different social classes and regions across the world.


NYHET | 12 sep 2018

UNESCO launches a new model curriculum for combatting disinformation

How to teach journalism in the digital era and, in particular, how to make disinformation part of the curriculum? UNESCO has now introduced a new model curriculum with practical lessons and exemplary assigments to show how disinformation can become part of course syllabi in journalism education.

NYHET | 16 aug 2018

Welcome to publish with Nordicom Review!

The editorial team of Nordicom Review cordially invites scholars interested in advancing the media and communications sciences in the Nordic region to engage with the journal as authors, book reviewers or guest editors of thematic special issues.

NYHET | 7 jun 2018

Behind the Paywall 2019 Conference

Nordicom  invites the international research community to a two-day conference devoted to the paywall phenomenon. The conference will take place at the University of Gothenburg on January 23–24, 2019. 

PUBLIKATIONER | 5 apr 2018

Public Service Media in the Networked Society

Nordicom now launches the eighth book in the RIPE series: Public Service Media in the Networked Society. The book critically examines the ‘networked society’ concept in relation to public service media.

NYHET | 26 feb 2018

Medieföretagen är männens värld

Ledningen för världens 100 största internationella medieföretagen domineras av män. Trettio av företagen saknar helt kvinnor i den högsta ledningen, och i Norden ser det inte bättre ut. Det visar ny statistik sammanställd av Nordicom. 

NYHET | 5 feb 2018

Safer Internet Day 2018

Safer Internet Day uppmärksammas tisdag den 6:e februari – "Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you". 


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