Nordicom Review 31 (2) 2010

Redaktör(er): Ulla Carlsson


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High Risk, Strong Belief: Images of the Future in the Media Industry
Anders Fagerjord, Arnt Maasø, Trine Syvertsen

“Web First” to Death: The Media Logic of the School Shootings in the Era of Uncertainty
Johanna Sumiala, Minttu Tikka

The World on Television: Market-driven, Public Service News
Øyvind Ihlen, Sigurd Allern, Kjersti Thorbjørnsrud, Ragnar Waldahl

Mediated Culture and the Well-informed Global Citizen: Images of Africa in the Global North
Kristin Skare Orgeret

Strategic Essentialism and Ethnification: Hand in Glove?
Elisabeth Eide

Moderator Bias in Television Coverage of an Election Campaign with no Political Advertising
Magne Martin Haug, Haavard Koppang, Jan Svennevig

More Cold Case Than Hot Spot: A Study of Public Opinion on Political Advertising in Swedish Television
Marie Grusell, Lars Nord

Tomorrow’s Journalists: Trends in the Development of the Journalistic Profession as Seen by Swedish and Russian Students
Gunnar Nygren, Elena Degtereva, Marina Pavlikova

Nice to Have – or Need to Have? The Professional Challenges of the Communication Sector
Nete Nørgaard Kristensen

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