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A Panorama of Media Education in Brazil, Portugal and Spain
Redaktör(er): Ilana Eleá

In 2014 the Clearinghouse for the first time published a yearbook in Spanish and Portuguese. The anthology deals with common aspects in media education shared by the three countries despite cultural, economic and educational differences. This anthology has now been made available in English.


Ilana Eleá
Children, Youth and Media
Children Making Media in School. Challenges to Authorship and Participation
Gilka Girardello
Narratives as a Basis for Enhancing the Skill of Analysing and Producing Digital Media Content
Rosalia Duarte, Rita Migliora, Maria Cristina Carvalho
Research with Children in Cyberculture. Ethical, Theoretical and Methodological Challenges
Rita Marisa Ribes Pereira & Nélia Mara Rezende Macedo
Media Education: Public Policies, Curricular Proposals and Teacher Training
Contexts, Perspectives and Challenges for Media Education in Brazil
Monica Fantin
Media Education in Teacher Training. The Experience of the Federal University of Triângulo Mineiro Based on a UNESCO Proposal
Alexandra Bujokas de Siqueira