Agents and Voices

A Panorama of Media Education in Brazil, Portugal and Spain

Ilana Eleá
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In 2014 the Clearinghouse for the first time published a yearbook in Spanish and Portuguese. The anthology deals with common aspects in media education shared by the three countries despite cultural, economic and educational differences. This anthology has now been made available in English.



Ilana Eleá


Children, Youth and Media

Children Making Media in School: Challenges to Authorship and Participation
Gilka Girardello

Narratives as a Basis for Enhancing the Skill of Analysing and Producing Digital Media Content
Rosalia Duarte, Rita Migliora, Maria Cristina Carvalho

Research with Children in Cyberculture: Ethical, Theoretical and Methodological Challenges
Rita Marisa Ribes Pereira, Nélia Mara Rezende Macedo

Media Education: Public Policies, Curricular Proposals and Teacher Training

Contexts, Perspectives and Challenges for Media Education in Brazil
Monica Fantin

Media Education in Teacher Training: The Experience of the Federal University of Triângulo Mineiro Based on a UNESCO Proposal
Alexandra Bujokas de Siqueira

An Overview of Practices in Brazil

Media, Reflection and Action: An Overview of Media-Education Activities in Formal and Informal Contexts of Brazilian Education
Lyana Thédiga de Miranda

The Media in Education: The Strengthening of Identities and Rights
Leunice Martins de Oliveira

Film Schools in Rio de Janeiro’s Public Education
Adriana Fresquet

Indigenous Digital Inclusion: Action through Information
Joana Brandão

Collaborative Learning: Challenges and Strategies for Digital Inclusion
Magda Pischetola


Children, Youth and Media

Opposite Cultures? Schools’ and Children’s Practices with Digital Media
Cristina Ponte, Karita Gonçalves

Brands, Media Literacy and Pre-teenagers
Conceição Costa

The Internet in Young People’s Everyday Life: Listening to Portuguese Teens’ Voices
Sara Pereira

Media Education: Public Policies, Curricular Proposals and Teacher Training

“Easy Pieces” of Film Literacy: Some European Cases
Vítor Reia-Baptista

Defining a Media Literacy Policy through Networking
Manuel Pinto

An Overview of Practices in Portugal

Media Education Practices in Portugal: A Panoramic View
Ana Jorge, Luís Pereira, Conceição Costa

Production of School Newspapers in Portuguese Schools: When the Printed Newspaper is More Desired than the Digital
Vitor Tomé

RadioActive: A European Online Radio Project
Maria José Brites, Ana Jorge, Sílvio Correia Santos

Olhares em Foco (Glances in Focus): A Participatory Photography Project to Promote Social Development Among Young People in Brazil and Portugal
Daniel Meirinho

Media Education and Intergenerational Communication: Inclusive Practice for Children and the Elderly
Simone Petrella


Children, Youth and Media

You Have New Connections: Uses of Social Media among Children, Teenagers, and Young Adults in Spain
Ana I. Bernal Triviño, Josep Lobera Serrano

Digital Play and the Internet as ludic ecosystems: The hierarchy of media for entertainment and emergent literacies
Jordi Sánchez-Navarro, Daniel Aranda Juárez, Silvia Martínez Martínez

Media Competence in Primary and Secondary School Education in Spain
M. Amor Pérez-Rodríguez, Paloma Contreras-Pulido

Media Education: Public Policies, Curricular Proposals and Teacher Training

European Policies for Media Education and Competence
J. Ignacio Aguaded, Águeda Delgado

Spain: 3 Key Aspects of Media Education in the Context of a Recession
José Manuel Pérez Tornero, Mireia Pi

An Overview of Practices in Spain

Media Literacy in Spain: A Brief Panorama and a Good Practices Proposal
Rosa García-Ruiz, Vicent Gozálvez Pérez

Media Education as a Failing
Joan Ferrés Prats, Maria-José Masanet, Saúl Blanco

Methods for the Use of Radio in Pre-schools and Primary Schools as an Inroad Towards Media Literacy
Irene Melgarejo-Moreno & Maria M Rodríguez-Rosell

Communication, Education and Society in a Digital Context: A Pioneering Experience of Media Literacy at the Spanish University
Alejandro Buitrago Alonso, Eva Navarro Martínez, Agustín García Matilla

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