Nordic Journal of Media Studies, Vol. 3, 2021. Media and the Climate Crisis

Editor(s): Risto Kunelius, Anna Roosvall


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Media and the climate crisis
Risto Kunelius, Anna Roosvall

Agents of sustainable transition or place branding promotors? Local journalism and climate change in Sweden
Annika Egan Sjölander

The climate change movement and political parties: Mechanisms of social media and interaction during the 2019 electoral period in Finland
Sonja Savolainen, Tuomas Ylä-Anttila

Just “performance nonsense”? How recipients process news photos of activists’ symbolic actions about climate change politics
Antal Wozniak

Scare-quoting climate: The rapid rise of climate denial in the Swedish far-right media ecosystem
Kjell Vowles, Martin Hultman

Spread of tweets in climate discussions: A case study of the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize announcement
Yan Xia, Ted Hsuan Yun Chen, Mikko Kivelä

Emergent self-mediating classes in the digital semiosphere: Covid-19 conspiracies and the climate justice movement
John Hartley, Indrek Ibrus, Maarja Ojamaa

Bridging the computational and visual turn: Re-tooling visual studies with image recognition and network analysis to study online climate images
Sofie Thorsen, Cecilie Astrupgaard

Aesthetic practices in the climate crisis: Intervening in consensual frameworks of the sensible through images
Jenni Niemelä-Nyrhinen, Niina Uusitalo

Premediating climate change in videogames: Repetition, mastery, and failure
Laura op de Beke

The difference between “alarmist” and “alarming”: Interview with Maxwell Boykoff
Risto Kunelius