NYHET | 11 apr 2019

Calling for articles on media studies in a Nordic context

In a call for articles for the 2020 issue of Nordic Journal of Media Studies the editors Anne Jerslev and Göran Bolin invites researchers to reflect on the Nordic context in media studies. 

Having launched a new journal called Nordic Journal of Media Studies, the editors of the 2020 issue invites scholars to reflect on which topics a journal with that name would address in a global, interconnected and postcolonial world of rapidly changing media systems and user patterns? 

 “This a very broad but also a very large question and we are really curious and excited to get a range of different answers to it” says professor Anne Jerslev, one of the issue editors.

 The Nordic countries share a number of social and cultural conditions such as a long tradition of being welfare states, technological advancement and a high level of media penetration.

“We want the issue to reflect on the specific combination of these traits in the Nordic countries and we believe is best done collectively, together with the research community which we are addressing, but are also ourselves part of”, says professor Göran Bolin, also one of the issue editors. 

 Relevant beyond the Nordics
The 2020 issue addresses the research community in the Nordic countries as well as the international research community. 

 “We think that this issue is of relevance beyond the Nordic countries and that it may be approached from a diversity of different angles, depending on research field and interest, but also depending on place – “the Nordics” can indeed look different depending on from where you are looking”, says Anne Jerslev. 

New addition to Nordicoms portfolio 
Starting this year, the Nordic Journal of Media Studies has been added to Nordicom’s portfolio of scientific publications. It is an online open access journal issued once a year. 

 ”The Nordic Journal of Media Studies will be a meeting place for Nordic, European, and global perspectives on media. Today’s media dynamics are truly global and the aim of the journal is also to facilitate exchange of ideas across different media systems, socio-political contexts, and academic cultures”, says chief editor Stig Hjarvard 


Read the call for articles for the 2020 issue: Media Studies in a Nordic Context here 


Submission deadline is April 26, 2019.