Nordicom Review 2/2003

12 dec 2003
150,00 kr

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Svennik Høyer
Epp Lauk

The Paradoxes of the Journalistic Profession. An Historical Perspective

Birgitta Höijer

The Discourse of Global Compassion and the Media

Ulla Carlsson

The Rise and Fall of NWICO. From a Vision of International Regulation to a Reality of Multilevel Governance

Leonor Camauër

Ethnic Minorities and their Media in Sweden. An Overview of the Media Landscape and State Minority Media Policy

Kari Andén-Papadopoulus

The Trauma of Representation. Visual Culture, Photojournalism and the September 11 Terrorist Attack

Lisbeth Clausen

Global News Communication Strategies. 9.11. 2002 around the World

Britta Timm Knudsen

The Eyewitness and the Affected Viewer. September 11 in the Media

Lars W. Nord
Jesper Strömbäck

Mission Impossible? Some Notes on Journalistic Shortcomings in the Coverage of War and Terrorism

Niels Brügger

Why Theories of Media and Communication?

Bo Reimer

Jostein Gripsrud: Understanding Media Culture

New Literature from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden