Youth and News in a Digital Media Environment

Nordic-Baltic Perspectives
Redaktör(er): Yvonne Andersson, Ulf Dalquist, Jonas Ohlsson

Ongoing digitalization has fundamentally transformed the entire media landscape, not least the domain of news. The blurring of previously sharp distinctions between production, distribution and consumption have challenged the established news industry and brought into question long-held assumptions of what journalism is or should be, who is a journalist and how we define, consume and use “news”. This anthology aims to shed light on the implications of these transformations for young people in the Nordic and Baltic countries. It focuses on three themes: youth participating in news and information production; news production by established media organizations and novel information providers aimed at children and youth; news use among youth. Taken together, the chapters illustrate the complexity of news use among youth and offer some rather different examples of strategies that news organizations might consider for reaching young people with news – or involving them in the production of news. Furthermore, the book might serve as a basis for reflecting on the urgent, but cumbersome, area of media and information literacy in these media saturated times.  

Youth and News in a Digital Media Environment consists of contributions from Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Estonia, written by scholars and people working in the media industry. The target audience of this book is students, professionals and researchers working in the field of journalism, media and communication studies, children and youth studies, media and information literacy and digital civic literacy. The book is edited by Yvonne Andersson and Ulf Dalquist at the Swedish Media Council and Jonas Ohlsson at Nordicom. It has been funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.


Yvonne Andersson, Ulf Dalquist, Jonas Ohlsson

1. Youth and news in a digital media environment Nordic-Baltic Perspectives
Yvonne Andersson, Ulf Dalquist, Jonas Ohlsson

Part I: Youth Participating in News and Information Production

2. The News Evaluator. Evidence-based innovations to promote digital civic literacy
Thomas Nygren, Fredrik Brounéus

3. Faktuell: Youths as journalists in online newspapers and magazines in Norway
Vedat Sevincer, Heidi Biseth, Robert Wallace Vaagan

4. Non-formal media education: A rich border area of learning
Kadri Ugur, Eleri Lõhmus

Part II: News Production Conducted by Media Organizations

5. Lilla Aktuellt: Public service producing news for young people
Lowe Östberg

6. Chatbots as a new user interface for providing health information to young people
Marita Bjaaland Skjuve, Petter Bae Brandtzæg

7. Voicing young people’s perspectives: Media influencing as a form of collaboration between youth organisations and the professional media
Maarit Jaakkola

8. Printing children’s news: Three editors’ views on newspapers for a young audience
Catharina Bucht

Part III: News Use Among Youth

9. Youth news media use in Estonia
Signe Opermann

10. Young people do consume news in social media – with a little help from their friends!
Maria Jervelycke Belfrage

11. News consumption among young people in Norway: The relevance of smartphones and social media
Dag Slettemeås, Ardis Storm-Mathisen

12. News kids can use – to play with
Stine Liv Johansen

13. The taste for news: Class shaping young people’s news use in Sweden
Johan Lindell

14. A generation divided: (Dis)engagement towards news among Danish youth
Jacob Ørmen

15. To share or not to share? News practices in the media life of Swedish youths
Yvonne Andersson