Young & Creative

Digital Technologies Empowering Children in Everyday Life

Ilana Eleá
Lothar Mikos
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This book YOUNG & CREATIVE – Digital Technologies Empowering Children in Everyday Life aims to catch different examples where children and youth have been active and creative by their own initiative, driven by intrinsic motivation, personal interests and peer relations. We want to show the opportunities of digital technologies for creative processes of children and young people. The access to digital technology and its growing convergence has allowed young people to experiment active roles as cultural producers. Participation becomes a keyword when “consumers take media into their own hands”. Digital technologies offer the potential of different forms of participatory media culture, and finally creative practices.

YOUNG and CREATIVE is a mix of research articles, interviews and case studies. The target audience of this book is students, professionals and researchers working in the field of education, communication, children and youth studies, new literacy studies and media and information literacy.


Catharina Bucht, Ingela Wadbring

On Creativity

Shakuntala Banaji
Interview with Sonia Livingstone

The Creative Youtubers

Lidia Marôpo, Inês Vitorino Sampaio, Nut Pereira de Miranda

​​​​​​Expressions of Creativity Among Children and Youth

Seok-Kyeong Hong, Sojeong Park

Collecting and Sharing Creativity

Training Teachers to Spark Young People’s Creativity

Geoff Walton, Mark Childs, Janet Hetherington, Gordana Jugo
Interview with Kirsten Drotner
Cover: Young & Creative


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Serie: The International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth & Media