Nordicom Review 41 (1) 2020

Redaktör(er): Johannes Bjerling, Karin H. Zelano


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Mimicking News: How the credibility of an established tabloid is used when disseminating racism
Johan Farkas, Christina Neumayer

Cold War Television Diplomacy: The German Democratic Republic on Finnish television
Laura Saarenmaa, Marie Cronqvist

From Decoding a Graph to Processing a Multimodal Message: Interacting with data visualisation in the news media
Martin Engebretsen

Private Governance of Freedom of Expression on Social Media Platforms: EU content regulation through the lens of human rights standards
Rikke Frank Jørgensen, Lumi Zuleta

The Recycling of News in Swedish Newspapers: Reused quotations and reports in articles about the crisis in the Swedish Academy in 2018
Sanna Skärlund

The Low-Flying Communicator: Understanding public relations in a regional context
Jochen Hoffmann, James A. Lingwall

Book Reviews
Maarit Jaakkola (Ed.), Kelechi Okechukwu Amakoh, Urban Larssen, Michael Forsman