Nordicom Review 40 (Special Issue 2) 2019. Hyperlocal Media in the Nordic Region

Redaktör(er): Carl-Gustav Lindén, Jaana Hujanen, Katja Lehtisaari


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Introduction: Hyperlocal Media in the Nordic Region
Carl-Gustav Lindén, Jaana Hujanen, Katja Lehtisaari

Local Journalism when the Journalists Leave Town: Probing the news gap that hyperlocal media are supposed to fill
Michael Karlsson, Erika Hellekant Rowe

Viable, Sustainable or Resilient? Understanding the hyperlocal business ecosystem
Clare Cook, Piet Bakker

Local Media Ecologies: Social media taking the lead
Gunnar Nygren

Local Democracy and the Media: Can hyperlocals fill the gap?
Lottie Jangdal

Public Organisations as News Producers: An odd species in the local media landscape
Maria Grafström, Hanna Sofia Rehnberg

Emerging Forms of Hyperlocal Media: The case of Finland
Jaana Hujanen, Katja Lehtisaari, Carl-Gustav Lindén, Mikko Grönlund

All Seats Taken? Hyperlocal Online Media in Strong Print Newspaper Surroundings: The case of Norway
Lars Julius Halvorsen, Paul Bjerke

Logic of an Effectuating Hyperlocal: Entrepreneurial processes and passions of online news start-ups
Carina Tenor