Nordicom Review 29 (1) 2008

Redaktör(er): Ulla Carlsson


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Weblogs and Journalism: A Typology to Explore the Blurring Boundaries
David Domingo, Ari Heinonen

The Value of Internet Research to Danish Council Reporters
Kirsten Sparre

Good Europeans? Euro-themes in Swedish, Danish and British TV News during a November Week
Kristina Riegert

Issues of Gender Equality and Diversity in Broadcast News Policy
Kristina Widestedt

Subversive Victims? The (non)Reporting of Sexual Violence against Male Victims During the War in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Anette Bringedal Houge

Proximity and Distance: Time and Space in Norwegian Newspaper Articles about the World 1880-1930
Anne Hege Simonsen

TV Sports Viewers – Who Are They? A Norwegian Case Study
Harry Arne Solberg, Randi Hammervold

“We Represent a Potential, not a Problem”: Young People’s Media Use in Diaspora
Anne Fogt, Margareth Sandvik

Downcast Eyes: Michael Haneke and the Cinema of Intrusion
Asbjørn Grønstad

Current Trends in Media Research
Juha Herkman

New Literature (PDF, 1,57 MB)