Nordicom Review 28 (1) 2007

Redaktör(er): Ulla Carlsson


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Making Sense of Violent Events in Public Spaces: Citizens’ Cognitions and Emotions of Society and Self in Relation to Mediated Violence
Joel Rasmussen, Birgitta Höijer

Gender Stereotyping of Political Candidates: An Experimental Study of Political Communication
Anders Todal Jensen, Toril Aalberg

How 12 Cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed were Brought to Trigger an International Conflict
Bent Nørby Bonde

Mobile Visual Communication: Photo Messages and Camera Phone Photography
Mikko Villi

The Role of Aesthetics in Web Design
Lisbeth Thorlacius

Ownership Concentration in the TV Industry: A Case Study on the Limitations of Media Policy
Sune Tjernström

Research on Organizational Communication: The Case of Sweden
Catrin Johansson

Open Standards in Scientific Communication and Publishing
Robert W. Vaagan

Current Research Projects

Print and Online Newspapers in Denmark
Niels Ole Finneman

More Balanced Election Coverage with Media Researchers on Location
Tomas Andersson Odén

New Literature (PDF, 713 kB)