Newspapers in the Nordic Media Landscape 2017

Nordic Media Trends 14
Redaktör(er): Eva Harrie

NB. A few figures and tables in the print publication contain errors, see Errata. The digital publication, version 2, includes the corrected versions. (May 9, 2018)

The Nordic region has traditionally been characterized as a “newspaper region”, with high circulation and extensive readership. But contemporary trends of globalisation and digitization have profoundly changed the media landscape and the way we use media, and have put the strong position of the Nordic newspaper markets under pressure. 

This volume, Newspapers in the Nordic Media Landscape 2017, is an attempt to map the development of the Nordic newspaper industries, looking at the trends from 2000 onward. It offers unique statistical time series on the structure of the newspaper landscape in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden (number of newspapers, circulation, etc.); the economy of the newspaper markets (advertising and audience revenues, indirect and direct state support, etc.); and reading trends (print and digital).

The publication is divided into two sections: the first presenting the Nordic media and newspaper landscape in commentaries and graphs, and the second providing detailed newspaper statistics.

Moreover, a thorough presentation of the statistical sources and surveys used in the publication provides a guide for further exploration of national or Nordic newspaper trends.




Data  Collections, Sources and Methods

Newspaper Trends

List of Tables & Figures 

1. The Nordic Context 

2. The Newspaper Landscape 

3. Newspaper Economy 

4. Newspaper Readership 

5. The Nordic Region: Facts & Figures 

Newspaper Statistics

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A. The Newspaper Landscape 

B. Newspaper Economy 

C. Newspaper Readership 

D. Demographic and Economic Data

Classifications and Notes on Methods

References and Statistical Sources

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