Media Innovations

A Multidisciplinary Study of Change
Redaktör(er): Arne H. Krumsvik, Tanja Storsul

Innovation is about change, and media products and services are changing. The processes of production and distribution of media are changing. The ownership and financing of media are changing. The roles of users are changing. And our ideas about media are changing.

This book argues that innovation theory provides better tools for media researchers who wish to understand and explain current developments in the media landscape – tools that not only allow them to see completely new things, but also to investigate aspects of new media that would otherwise not be as accessible.

The various chapters of the book present selected studies that together illustrate how a more explicit focus on innovation and innovation theory can provide new insights into and generates knowledge about how media innovations develop, the sociocultural conditions of such innovations, the role of technology, and power relations in media developments.

Media Innovations. A Multidisciplinary Study of Change is out of print but is available as a free PDF


Innovation, Technology and Organisational Change. Legacy Media’s Big Challenges. An Introduction
Lucy Küng
What is Media Innovation?
Tanja Storsul, Arne H. Krumsvik
I. Concepts
Opening the Black Box. The Conceptualising of Media Innovation
Leyla Dogruel
Balancing the Bias. The Need for Counter-Discursive Perspectives in Media Innovation Research
Steen Steensen
Topics of Innovation. Towards a Method of Invention and Innovation in Digital Media Design
Gunnar Liestøl
II. Structure and Management
Adapting to the Brave New World. Innovative Organisational Strategies for Media Companies
Sabine Baumann
Size, Ownership and Innovation in Newspapers
Arne H. Krumsvik, Eli Skogerbo, Tanja Storsul