Digital Parenting

The Challenges for Families in the Digital Age
Redaktör(er): Giovanna Mascheroni, Cristina Ponte, Ana Jorge

It is with great pleasure that we present the 2018 Yearbook from the International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth and Media at Nordicom: Digital Parenting: The Challengesfor Families in the Digital Age.The topics addressed in the 2018 Yearbook – how to relate to or mediate children’suse of digital media, generational gaps in the use of media and the use of social mediato display or seek support in parenthood – are timely and relevant in many respects andhave engaged many qualified scholars from around the world. Parenting in the digitalmedia environment is a theme often discussed in news media and among parentinggroups. Balancing the opportunities of digital media and at the same time consideringpotentially unwanted and/or negative effects can be a challenge, both for adults and forthe younger generation. There are no established policies, long traditions or experienceto turn to and many are seeking advice.The 2018 Yearbook is the result of a great collaborative effort. Nordicom is deeplygrateful to the editors of this new anthology, Giovanna Mascheroni, Cristina Ponte andAna Jorge, as well as to all the contributors who have made this publication possible. Itis our hope that the collection of articles will make interesting reading all around theworld, stimulate new research and debate and provide new ideas regarding the topicaland highly relevant issue of being a parent in the digital age.In the work of the Clearinghouse, the global dimension is a core principle, both withrespect to the content we publish and distribute and to the contributors who produceit. Digital Parenting represents this principle by presenting contributions and examplesand involving authors from many areas of the world.All books published by the Clearinghouse aim to shed light on different aspectsconcerning children, youth and media, spread current information and knowledge andhopefully stimulate further research. Various groups of users are targeted; researchers,policymakers, media professionals, voluntary organizations, teachers, students and interested individuals. It is our hope that this new Yearbook will be of interest and providenew insights on the topic of digital parenting to a broad range of readers.


Catharina Bucht, Jonas Ohlsson

Giovanna Mascheroni, Cristina Ponte, Ana Jorge

I. Digital Parenting

Parenting in the Digital Age: The Challenges of Parental Responsibility in Comparative Perspective
Sonia Livingstone, Jasmina Byrne

Transcendent Parenting in Digitally Connected Families: When the Technological Meets the Social
Sun Sun Lim

Resistance, Opportunities and Tensions: The Role of Children and Young People in Internet Adoption of Isolated Rural Communities
Isabel Pavez, Teresa Correa

Mediation Practices in Socially Disadvantaged Families
Ingrid Paus-Hasebrink

Drawn in All Directions: Heritage Language Families’ Use of Technology
Sabine Little

Parental Ethnotheories in Children’s Digital and Media Lives: The Case of Romanipen
Marketa Zezulkova, Lucie Stastna

Differing Parental Approaches to Cultivating Youth Citizenship
Lynn Schofield Clark, Maria José Brites

II. Digital Parenting in Context

From Media Trusteeship to Parental Mediation: The Parental Development of Parental Mediation
Thorsten Naab

Development of Infants’ Media Habits in the Age of Digital Parenting: A Longitudinal Study of Jonathan, From the Age of 6 to 27 Months
Yehuda Bar Lev, Nelly Elias, Sharona T. Levy

Parental Evaluations of Young Children’s Touchscreen Technologies
Leslie Haddon, Donell Holloway

Early Gambling Behaviour in Online Games: Parental Perspectives vs. What Children Report
Rozane De Cock, Bieke Zaman, Maarten Van Mechelen, Jonathan Huyghe

Maltese Parents’ Awareness and Management of Risks their Children Face Online
Lorleen Farrugia, Mary Anne Lauri

“Daddy, Your Mobile is Stupid, You Should Put it Away”: Media Education from the Perspective of Professionals
Gisela Schubert, Susanne Eggert

Digital Parenting in the Netherlands: Putting Theory into Practice
Jos de Haan, Peter Nikken, Annemarie Wennekers

III. Challenges, Risks and Opportunities of Digital Media for Parents and Children

The Child as Datafied Citizen. Critical Questions on Data Justice in Family Life
Veronica Barassi

The Trouble with “Screen Time” Rules
Alicia Blum-Ross, Sonia Livingstone

CHARGE on: Digital Parenting of a Child with Rare Genetic Syndrome with the Help of Facebook Group
Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt

Childbirth Online: The Mediation of Contrasting Discourses
Ranjana Das

Sharenting = Good Parenting? Four Parental Approaches to Sharenting on Facebook
Maja Sonne Damkjaer

Family photography in a networked age: Anti-sharenting as a reaction to risk assessment and behaviour adaption
Ulla Autenrieth