Children and Youth in the Digital Media Culture

From a Nordic Horizon

Ulla Carlsson
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The Clearinghouse on Children Youth and Media has published eleven yearbooks to date. In them, researchers and experts from all the corners of the world have treated a wide variety of issues from many different perspectives. The global dimension is a core principle in the work of the Clearinghouse with respect to both the content we publish and distribute and the contributors who produce it. This, the twelfth Yearbook, represents a departure from that hallowed principle of global representation. The present Yearbook showcases the Nordic countries and the work being done in the research communities of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The focus rests on children, youth and media in a digitized media culture. We believe that the issues treated here will interest a broad range of readers all over the world.




Young People in the Digital Media Culture. Global and Nordic Perspectives. An Introduction
Ulla Carlsson

Part I. Media Literacy: Importance and Challenges

Democratic Digital Literacies. Three Obstacles in Search of a Solution
Kirsten Drotner

Paths Towards Digital Competencies. Naïve Participation or Civic Engagement?
Ola Erstad

2.0 – Children In and Outside School
Birgitte Holm Sørensen

Global Digital Culture Requires Skills in Media Literacies
Sirkku Kotilainen

Understanding Media Literacy
Tapio Varis


Part II. Young People and the Nordic Digital Media Culture

From TV Viewing to Participatory Cultures. Reflections on Childhood in Transition
Ingegerd Rydin, Ulrika Sjöberg

The Extensions of Youth. A Long Term Perspective
Thorbjörn Broddason, Kjartan Ólafsson, Sólveig Margrét Karlsdóttir

Growing up in a Commercial World. Reflections on Media, Marketing and Young Consumers
Ingunn Hagen

Advertising Directed at Children. Harmless Trifle or Gold Mine?
Gunilla Jarlbro

Fandom, New Media, Participatory Cultures
Irma Hirsjärvi

Playfulness in Children’s Media Usage
Pål Aarsand

Addiction and Randomness. A Comparative Analysis of Psycho-structural Elements in Gambling Games and Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing games
Faltin Karlsen

Influences of Mediated Violence. International and Nordic Research Findings
Cecilia von Feilitzen

The Kids are Alright. Perspectives on Children’s Online Safety
Elza Dunkels

The Authors

Part III. Statistics – Young peoples’ media use

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