Small Among Giants

Television Broadcasting in Smaller Countries

Big countries and major markets are often proposed as models for TV broadcasting everywhere. This is evident in the development of European media policies and strategic renewal. It is taken for granted that such offer suitable and desirable models for smaller countries. This book questions that assumption on the basis of empirical research. Does a media market in a country with a few million people and far less GDP have the same opportunities as countries with many times the population or wealth? Does the same logic apply in all cases? The need for clarification is urgent given contemporary trends in ex ante regulation, and aggressive media lobbying that rests on an untested belief that one-size-fits-all.

The research and analyses presented in this book confronts the presumption, concluding that in crucial respects one-size policies do not fit all countries anymore than one-size strategies fit all companies. There are important differences in size-related factors that establish limits in how TV broadcasting can be organised and operated. The book will reward close attention by policymakers and strategic managers alike, and makes a timely contribution to scholarship on the topic.



Gregory Ferrell Lowe
Christian S. Nissen

Size Matters for TV Broadcasting Policy

Gregory Ferrell Lowe
Christian Edelvold Berg
Christian S. Nissen

Broadcast Economics, Challenges of Scale, and Country Size

Robert G. Picard

Sizing Up Size on TV Markets. Why David would Lose to Goliath

Christian Edelvold Berg

with Yon Hsu, Geoffrey Lealand, Brian O’Neill & Michael Foley & Christian Steininger: The Socio-Cultural Context of Broadcasting Markets

John D. Jackson

Structure and Dynamics. The Television Broadcasting Industry in Smaller Countries

Josef Trappel

From Sovereignty to Liberalisation. Media Policy in Small European Countries

Erik Nordahl Svendsen

The Governance of Broadcasters in Small Countries

Chris Hanretty

Broadcasting for Minorities in Big and Small Countries

Tom Moring
Sebastian Godenhjelm

Big Formats, Small Nations. Does Size Matter?

Annette Hill
Jeanette Steemers


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