Nordicom Review 2/1998

11 nov 1998
150,00 kr


Svennik Høyer

Constructing Epochs in the History of the Press

Tom Moring

Better Served or Better Hidden? Digital Radio and Television Services for Three Minorities in the Nordic Countries: A Preliminary Assessment

Anker Brink Lund

Crisis Management in Danish Journalism. The Poetics of Media Epidemics

Ingunn Hagen
Marianne Christoffersen
Agnieszka B. Jarvoll

How to Study Human Routine Actions. Reflections from a Survey Pilot Study of Families’ Social Use of Media

Juha Kytömäki

Parental Control and Regulation of Schoolchildren’s Television Viewing

Magnus Andersson
André Jansson

The Blurring of Distinctions. Media Use and the Progressive Cultural Lifestyle

Gunnar Liestøl
Terje Rasmussen

Social Transformations of the Internet. A Study of Social and Textual Dynamics

Anura Goonasekera

The Emerging Media Ecology in Asia

Erik Hedling

Tytti Soila, Astrid Söderbergh-Widding & Gunnar Iversen: Nordic National Cinemas

New Literature