Nordicom Review 2/1997

8 aug 1997
150,00 kr


Karl Erik Rosengren

Different Sides of the Same Coin: Access and Gatekeeping

Kaarle Nordenstreng

The Citizen Moves from the Audience to the Arena

Jan Ekecrantz

Collective Textual Action Discourse, Representation, Dramaturgy and Public Interaction in the Media Sphere

Iina Hellsten
Mika Renvall

Inside or Outside of Politics? Metaphor and Paradox in Journalism

Inga-Britt Lindblad

Swedish Information about HIV and AIDS A Text Analysis and Reception Study

Terje Rasmussen

Social Interaction and the New Media The Construction of Communicative Contexts

Maija Gerlander
Eeva Takala

Relating Electronically Interpersonality in the Net

Robert Burnett

Media and Information Technology The Blindspot of Media and Communication Research?

Jostein Gripsrud

Rhetoric, Knowledge, Mediation A Project on Theories of Knowledge and Media

Birgitte Tufte

Girls’ and Boys’ Every Day Life and Media Culture Between a Global and a Locale Perspective

Veikko Pietilä

John A. Lent (ed.) A Different Road Taken. Profiles in Critical Communication

New Literature