Nordicom Review 1/1998

28 apr 1998
150,00 kr


Ullamaija Kivikuru

Communication Research. Is There Such a Thing?

Jan Ekecrantz

Media, Communication and Social Critique

Jostein Gripsrud

Ten Years in the Field. Past, Present and Future

Johan Fornäs

Digital Borderlands. Identity and Interactivity in Culture, Media and Communications

Jens F. Jensen

Communication Research after the Mediasaurus? Digital Convergence, Digital Divergence

Eli Skogerbo

Technology as Cause of Change

Tapio Varis

Media Culture and Communicative Competence in Europe

Heikki Heikkilä
Risto Kunelius

Access, Dialogue, Deliberation. Experimenting with Three Concepts of Journalism Criticism

Bo Mårtensson
Håkan Lindhoff

State, Market, Crisis. Swedish News Journalism on the Economy

Göran Djupsund
Tom Carlsson

Trivial Stories and Fancy Pictures? Tabloidization Tendencies in Finnish and Swedish Regional and National Newspapers 1982–1997

Johann Roppen

The Problem of No-Effects of Media Concentration

Seija Ridell

Beyond the Pendulum. Critical Genre Analysis of Media-Audience Relations

Bo Reimer

Crisis? What Crisis? Analysing Audience Studies

Barbara Gentikow

The Contested Power of Persuation. A Rhetorical Approach to Reception Theory and Analysis

Preben Raunsbjerg
Henrik Sand

TV Sport and Rhetoric. The Mediated Event

Pekka Isotalus

Television Performance as Interaction

Jens F. Jensen

‘Interactivity’. Tracking a New Concept in Media and Communication Studies

Rikke Schubart

Woman with a Gun does not Signify Man with a Phallus.Gender and Narrative Change in the Action Movie

Hillevi Ganetz

Her Voices. Mediated Female Texts in a Cultural Perspective

Anja Hirdman

Male Norms and Female Forms. The Visual Representation of Men and Women in Press Images in 1925, 1955 and 1987

Wencke Mühleisen

Direkte Lykke! A Naivist Parody of Old-Time TV Hosted by a Transgressive Woman

Anna Edin

The Well-Organized Competition. On the Development of Internal Competition in the Swedish Television Monopoly

Sirkku Tuominen

Making Media Visible in Teacher Education

Jørgen Bang

Multimedia in Distance Education. Implication of Using CD-ROM

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