News in a Globalized Society

This book is concerned with the role of news media in an increasingly globalized society. It tries to unravel how news as an institution and a genre is both affected by globalization and itself an agent of globalization. A recurrent theme in all of the articles is the impact of globalization on information supply, public debate, and the exercise of democracy. The articles are organized around four themes: Globalization and the role of news media; New media, global news, and democracy; Regionalization and domestication of global news, and War news in global media.



Stig Hjarvard

News Media and the Globalization of the Public Sphere

Stig Hjarvard

Global News Research and Complex Citizenship. Towards an Agenda for Research on Foreign/International News and Audiences

Daniel Biltereyst

International Communication Theory in Transition. Parameters of the New Global Sphere of Mediation

Ingrid Volkmer

Media Imperialism Revisited. The Global Public Sphere and the News Agency Agenda

Chris A. Paterson

Why Virtuality Can Be Good for Democracy

Klaus Bruhn Jensen

The Effect of Globalization on Media Structures and Norms. Globalization and the Choice of Foreign News

Hans-Henrik Holm

Transnational Politics and News Production. Norwegian Correspondents on the Brussels Beat

Tore Slaatta

Striving for Credibility. News and Current Affairs on Star TV India

Norbert Wildermuth

Frames in Television News. British, Danish, and Dutch Television News Coverage of the Introduction of the Euro

Claes de Vreese

Globalisation of War News. Challenges for Media Research

Rune Ottosen
Stig A. Nohrstedt

An ‘Insight’ into CNN’s Coverage of NATO’s First War

Daya Kishan Thussu

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