The Global Audiences of Danish Television Drama

Following the surprising and unprecedented international export of Danish television drama in the early 2010s, this anthology explores the reception of these series among global audiences by tracing the travel of the series to seven different countries: Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Turkey, and the UK. Each contribution differs in terms of its theoretical and methodological position and reflects the diverse backgrounds of the researchers and types of data collected. As a whole, the anthology provides insights on global audience research in an age of multi-platform and multi-directional media flows, as well as on the complex nature of contemporary audiences located in different parts of the world. The anthology offers a novel contribution to research on Danish television drama, the international circulation of audiovisual content produced in non-Anglophone contexts, and the phenomenon of Nordic Noir for both students and scholars.

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Unfolding the global travel of Danish television drama series

Ushma Chauhan Jacobsen
Pia Majbritt Jensen

“Othering the Self and same-ing the Other”: Australians watching Nordic Noir

Pia Majbritt Jensen
Marion McCutcheon

The appeal of “authenticity”: Danish television series and their British audiences

Andrea Esser

Brazilian encounters: Buyers and bloggers appropriating content

Ushma Chauhan Jacobsen
Alessandra Meleiro

A cosmopolitan tribe of viewers: Crime, women, and akogare in Japan

Ushma Chauhan Jacobsen

Sensing authenticity, seeing aura: Turkish audiences’ reception of Danish drama

Yeşim Kaptan

Lifeworld relevance and practical sense-making: Audience engagement with Danish television drama series

Susanne Eichner

Contributing authors

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