Geographies of Communication

The Spatial Turn in Media Studies

The relationship between space and communication is becoming more complex. Mediatisation blurs the boundaries between different spaces, as well as between dimensions of space. It also leads to the re-articulation of geographical territories – often (re)producing socio-political values and power struggles. This book departs from the assertion that the changing character of media society calls for a spatial turn in media studies. There are clear signs that such a turn is on its way. But no account has yet been formulated for the full potential of this. Gathering new analyses from leading Nordic media scholars, geographers and ethnologists, this book provides a broad view of the perspectives that emerge from the spatial turn. The chapters explore issues such as (trans)nationality, tourism, urban culture, interactive media, and the networking of domestic space. Together, they map out what might become a new sub-field within media and cultural studies: the geography of communication.



Towards a Geography of Communication

André Jansson
Jesper Falkheimer

I Mapping the Field

Media Geography. From Patterns of Diffusion to the Complexity of Meanings

Birgit Stöber

Media Studies, Geographical Imaginations and Relational Space

Richard Ek

Electronic Geographies. Media Landscapes as Technological and Symbolic Environments

Göran Bolin

Textural Analysis. Materialising Media Space

André Jansson

II Mediated Spaces

“Fortress Europe”. Ideological Metaphors of Media Geographies

Inka Salovaara-Moring

When Place Images Collide. Place Branding and News Journalism

Jesper Falkheimer

Blank Spaces. The Mediation of Nature in Travel Advertisements

Åsa Thelander

Armchair Travelling with Pilot Guides. Cartographic and Sensuous Strategies

Anne Marit Waade

III Mediatised Spaces

The Flexible Home

Magnus Andersson

Framing Space. Media and the Intersection of Work and Leisure

Stina Bengtsson

Media Passages in Urban Spaces of Consumption

Johan Fornäs

Magic, Health and the Mediation of the Body’s Geography

Tom O'Dell

IV A Mediatised Sense of Space

Geographies of Tourist Photography. Choreographies and Performances

Jonas Larsen

Terra (In)cognita. Mediated America as Thirdspace Experience

Amanda Lagerkvist

Digital Geographies. From Storyspace to Storied Places

Jenny Sundén

Postscript: Taking Place

Orvar Löfgren

The Authors

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