Freedom of Speech Abridged?

Cultural, Legal and Philosophical Challenges
Redaktör(er): Helge Rønning, Anine Kierulf

Freedom of expression and freedom of the press has become an issue that creates controversies all over the world in a manner unthinkable at the beginning of the 21st century. Authoritarian regimes stifle free expression, and religious groups challenge its foundations. It is threatened even in democratic societies through escalated security measures passed under the pretext of securing just those basic liberties among which freedom of expression is central. These challenges are the backdrop for the publication Freedom of Speech Abridged?

The book discusses freedom of expression as a universal human right, and analyses its philosophical foundations. It raises legal questions arising from the tension between basic rights, and between national and international law. It considers to what extent freedom of expression thrives or withers in an increasingly gobalized world of new technology. It discusses the Danish cartoons from a principled perspective, and it draws the lines of today’s controversies back to the twenty-year-old fatwa against Salman Rushdie. Freedom of Speech Abridged? is written by scholars and journalists in the Nordic countries, and represents a principled and spirited defence of freedom of expression.


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