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Freedom of Expression Revisited

Citizenship and Journalism in the Digital Era

The Internet and the ongoing digitization of media have transformed media landscapes and in turn the social functions of media and the structure of both governance and markets. In recent years, there has been widespread concern about the ability of the media to maintain and develop their role as a pillar of democracy. Issues regarding freedom of expression, freedom of information and freedom of the press are more complex than ever.

The Nordic region – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden – is among the most technology-intensive and “wired” regions in the world. These countries are similar in many respects, including their media systems. In the era of globalization, however, the Nordic countries are undergoing change on many fronts. From the point of view of welfare politics and democratic processes, these changes pose numerous challenges.

The theme of this volume – Freedom of Expression Revisited. Citizenship and Journalism in the Digital Era – could be summarized as critical perspectives on experiences and conceptions of freedom of expression and the media in contemporary communication societies. The book reflects Nordic as well as global perspectives. The contributors are leading Nordic scholars, but also professionals outside the Nordic region, who have been engaged for years in research on freedom of expression from different angels.

In 2009, Nordicom published the book Freedom of Speech Abridged? Cultural, Legal and Philosophical Challenges written by researchers and authors working in the Nordic countries. The present book may be seen as a follow-up to this earlier volume.


A Brief Introduction

Ulla Carlsson

Views from a Nordic Horizon

Freedom of Expression is Not a Given Right

Helge Rønning

The Satanic Pendulum. Notes on Free Speech, the Public Sphere and Journalism in 2013

Risto Kunelius

Deconstructing Libertarian Myths About Press Freedom

Kaarle Nordenstreng

Freedom of Expression and the Professionalization of Journalism

Arne H. Krumsvik

Norway and 22 July: A Clash of Diagnoses …? A Media Debate on Freedom of Expression Revisited

Elisabeth Eide

The Scope of Freedom of Information. To What Legal Bodies and Functions Does the Right of Access to Information Apply?

Oluf Jørgensen

Views from Global and European Horizons

Freedom of Expression in the Internet Era

Rikke Frank Jørgensen

Mapping Freedom of Expression. A Global Endeavour

Guy Berger

Towards a Better World: What the North Can Do. Safety and an Enabling Environment for Journalists

William Horsley

European Union. Promoting Freedom of Expression Only an External Affair?

Anna Celsing

The Authors

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