The Digital Public Sphere

Challenges for Media Policy

Until recently, media policy was thought of as national, media-specific, and as part of the cultural domain. All is changing in a digital public sphere: first, by the processes of globalization in a broad sense; second, by a blurring of borders between media, which can be summed up as convergence; and third, by a more far-reaching commercialisation of the media. The transformation triggered by these developments are ongoing and have been so for quite a few years. Thus, it is time to take stock. The different contributions in this book set out to do that.

With basis in the idea that media policy is fundamentally about regulating the public sphere in accordance with central democratic ideals, the book covers a wide range of issues: Transnational online television distribution; the trouble with building and opening digital audiovisual archives; the impact of recent EU regulations on global conglomerates as well as national public service broadcasters; the debate on net neutrality; the idea of the participating public in policy-making; the regulation of freedom of speech on the internet; as well as the impact of legal globalization on media policy itself.



Introduction. The Digital Public Sphere. Challenges for Media Policy

Hallvard Moe
Jostein Gripsrud

Part I. A Perspective

Eclipse of ”the Public”. From the Public to (transnational) Public Sphere. Conceptual Shifts in the Twentieth Century

Slavko Splichal

Part II. Changes

Global Copyright Regulation and the Prospects of European Public Sphere. The Case of TVkaista

Hannu Nieminen

Providing Cultural Resources. On Turning Audiovisual Archives into a Public Domain

Karl Knapskog

News Corporation's and the Digital Challenges to Audiovisual Regulations

Ole J. Mjøs

Television in Cyberspace. The Net Neutrality Tussle in Norway

Tanja Storsul

Part III. Fundamentals

Notions of the Public in Public Service Broadcasting Policy for the Digital Era

Hallvard Moe

What if Competition Policy Assists the Transfer from Public Service Broadcasting to Public Service Media? An analysis of EU State aid Control and its Relevance for Public Broadcasting

Karen Donders
Caroline Pauwels

Tools for Democracy or for Surveillance? Reflections on the Rule of Law on the Internet

Helge Rønning

Legal Globalization and the Public Sphere

Sandra Braman

The Authors


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