Diffusion of the News Paradigm 1850-2000

Media history is much more than a collection of chronological narratives set within national borders. As a social system media has several sustaining parts, at the same time different and interdependent. Some of these parts are international in origin while some are truly nationally or regionally unique in their development. Thus media history internationally can serve as a laboratory to help detect the impact of political ideologies and other traditions, which influence journalism as a textual genre. It is in this spirit the following chapters have been written, collected and edited. This anthology is topically centred on the news paradigm: its origin and diffusion over more than a century. It also contrasts the news paradigm with some of its opposites in journalism history. Even when contributors vary methodologically – essays and empirically based overviews intermingle with systematic content analyses – they have the forms, the qualities and the substance of journalism in mind as a guiding principle.



The Idea of the Book. Introduction

Svennik Høyer

The Anglo-American Background

The Emergence of the Objectivity Norm in American Journalism

Michael Schudson

The Rise of the News Paradigm. A Review of the Scientific Literature

Harlan S. Stensaas

The News Pyramid and its Origin from the American Journalism in the 19th Century. A Professional Approach and an Empirical Inquiry

Horst Pöttker

Old and New Journalism in The London Press. The 1880s and 1890s

Svennik Høyer


The Rise and Fall of The Scandinavian Party Press

Svennik Høyer

News Paradigms, Political Power and Cultural Contexts in 20th Century Sweden

Jan Ekecrantz

Telling the News. Danish Newspapers 1873-1941/2000

Søren Kolstrup

The Half-hearted Modernisation of Norwegian Journalism 1908-1940

Svennik Høyer
John Nonseid


Comments on the German Tradition of News Journalism

Horst Pöttker

Journalism Paradigms Before 1945

Rudolf Stöber

German Journalism after 1945. Reporting Instead of Influencing

Bernd Blöbaum

Central and Eastern Europe

The Antithesis of the Anglo-American News Paradigm. News Practices in Soviet Journalism

Epp Lauk

Historical Development of the News Format in Estonia 1920-1990

Halliki Harro-Loit

From Participating to Informing. The Transition of Journalism in the Russian Regional Press

Jukka Pietiläinen

Between East and West or Simply “Made in Poland”? The Many Different Styles of Today’s Polish Journalism

Katharina Hadamik

Alternative Perspectives

The Industrialization of News. The American Experience

Hanno Hardt

News Ideology in The Twentieth Century

Kevin G. Barnhurst

Epilogue. Perspectives on the Development of the News Paradigm. The Quest for Autonomy

Horst Pöttker


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