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NEWSLETTER | 5 Apr 2017

New issue of Media Trends in the Nordic countries

The effects of digitalization run as a thread throughout this year’s first Nordic newsletter. Research shows how, in the highly digitalized Nordic countries, there is a great change in media use as well as the advertising markets and financing of journalism.


Book Release: Citizens in a Mediated World

New book release from Nordicom! The book Citizens in a Mediated World is discussing the meaning  of modern citizenship in a globalized digital media culture and how Media and Information Literacy (MIL) can contribute to promoting the rights of children and young people. 

PUBLICATIONS | 21 Mar 2017

New study: The Nordic Advertising Market in a Digital World

Great changes are taking place on the global ad market. The digitalization of advertising is rapid and more advertisers choose to advertise online instead of in traditional media. In May, Nordicom will be releasing a unique study that reviews how the competition from global digital ad platforms, such as Facebook and Google, affect the media and journalism in the Nordic countries- 

PUBLICATIONS | 15 Mar 2017

The Swedish Newspaper Market During the 21st Century

The current newspaper market consist of large-scale owners although fewer in number, at the same time the competitive conditions are transforming and the revenue is falling. A report from Nordicom shows that the structural transformation of the Swedish newspaper market during the 21st century has been extensive and has resulted in great changes.  

NEWSLETTER | 6 Dec 2016

New Issue of European Media Policy

Welcome to a new issue of our newsletter European Media Policy, providing an up-date on policy developments at the European level.

Nordicom Review | 28 Nov 2016

Nordicom Review continues to develop

In November 2016, Nordicom Review’s new editorial board was completed. This is one of many steps taken during recent years to further develop the journal into one of a clear international standard.

New publication | 7 Oct 2016

Blurring the Lines


Blurring the lines focuses on challenges from the market to free speech and how free speech can be protected, promoted and developed when lines between journalism and advertising are blurred.

Editors: Maria Edström, Andrew T. Kenyon & Eva-Maria Svensson.

NEWSLETTER | 7 Sep 2016

New issue of Media Trends in the Nordic Countries

The Nordic countries are increasingly mobile, the smartphone has become a given interface, and age stands out as an important factor for how media is consumed. These are some of the media trends reported in the new issue of Nordicom's Nordic newsletter.


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