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NEWSLETTER | 12 Sep 2017

New issue of Media Trends in the Nordic countries

The Nordic countries are becoming increasingly digital and mobile. There is a continuing growth of online media use, but there is also evidence that media users are not simply forsaking traditional media from one day to the next. Read more in this issue of our Nordic newsletter.

NYHET | 8 Sep 2017

Literacy in a Digital World

Friday the 8th of September 2017 is International Literacy Day, this year it’ll be celebrated under the theme of ‘Literacy in a Digital World’. In honour of the day we’re highlighting some of our recent publications focusing on media literacy in a digital world. 

NEWS | 23 Aug 2017

Call for Papers: NORDICOM Review Special Issue

Making sense of small and big data as onlife traces

Deadline for abstracts is approaching, send your submission by the 1st of September 2017. 

PUBLICATIONS | 21 Aug 2017

New book addresses 250 years of freedom of expression in Sweden

Last year Sweden’s Freedom of the Press Act, the first legislation of its kind in the world, celebrated 250 years. The newly released book, ‘The Legacy of Peter Forsskål. 250 Years of Freedom of Expression’, sheds light on the history of free speech based on Peter Forsskål and his 21 theses on civil liberty. 

NEWSLETTER | 9 Aug 2017

New Issue of European Media Policy

The August issue of Nordicom's newsletter European Media Policy is out. The newsletter provides an update on policy developments at the European level, concentrating on news from the European Union.

PUBLICATIONS | 19 Jun 2017

New study maps the Swedish media output

In collaboration with the Swedish press and broadcasting authority, Nordicom is publishing the report Medieutveckling 2017 – Medieutbud [Media development 2017 – media output]. The report is a new way of mapping the Swedish media output, focusing on news and fact content in the media over time. 

PUBLICATIONS | 14 Jun 2017

Being Old in the Age of Mediatization

Nordicom Review special issue A new special issue of Nordicom Review is out. This special issue examines media dynamics in the lives of older people and how these dynamics influence the perceptions of old age, ageing and older people.


PUBLICATIONS | 12 Jun 2017

Cultural Journalism in the Nordic Countries

The role of cultural journalism has been important in the debates about freedom of expression, societal debate, and for journalistic autonomy and specialisation within media organisations. This new book, published by Nordicom, contributes to an emerging international research agenda on cultural journalism. 

NEWS | 15 May 2017

What should be done to improve the impact of media research beyond academia?

Nordic media professors replied to the question "What should be done to improve the impact of media research beyond academia?" to introduce this years first issue of Nordicom Information, that deals with the relationship between academia and the media industry. 

NEWS | 3 May 2017

#Sipilägate and the break-up of the political bromance

Today, on the World Press Freedom Day, Nordicom is pre-publishing the article #Sipilägate and the break-up of the political bromance – Crisis in the relationship between Finnish media and politicians. 



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