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Here, you’ll find experts who can comment on a broad variety of current media-related issues, such as Swedish and Nordic media development and economics, the Swedish people’s media habits, media structure and use, and media and information literacy (MIL).

Media development and media economics

Tobias Lindberg is a researcher focusing on Swedish and Nordic media development. Tobias can answer questions concerning the development of the media and their history, structure, and economy in Sweden and the Nordic region.

Tobias Lindberg 
Telephone: +46 76 618 13 02

Media and information literacy (MIL), journalism, and media content 

Maarit Jaakkola's research is mainly focused on issues concerning journalism, media content, and cultural engagement, as well as learning and media and information literacy (MIL). For example, she has conducted studies on user reviews on the Web, journalism training, and the professionalisation of cultural journalism. Her areas of expertise also include science journalism, young people's content production and engagement on social media, as well as minority perspectives on media. Maarit can also provide answers to comparative questions between the Nordic countries.

Maarit Jaakkola
Associate Professor of Journalism
Telephone: +46 76 618 12 20

The Swedish people's media habits

Karin Hellingwerf is a media analyst and mainly works with the Swedish Media Barometer. The Media Barometer is an annual survey that charts the Swedish population's media habits. Karin can answer questions related to the Swedish people's access to, and use of, different types of media – based on the Media Barometer.

Karin Hellingwerf
Media analyst
Telephone: +46 31 786 19 92

The structure and use of the Swedish media

Ulrika Facht is a media analyst and responsible for the report series MedieSverige. She possesses knowledge of the Swedish media landscape and its development. Ulrika also works with the Swedish Media Barometer survey and can answer questions about media use and its development over time.

Ulrika Facht
Media analyst
Telephone: + 46 31 786 13 06

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