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Innovation and resilience in Norwegian news media during Covid-19

In a world where news media are constantly evolving, disruptions and crises present both challenges and opportunities for innovation. A new book, featuring several empirical studies, provides insights into the interplay between innovation, crisis, and resilience within Norwegian news media during the uncertain times of the Covid-19 pandemic.
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The Swedish Media Barometer 2023: Read the report and watch the webinar

The Swedish Media Barometer 2023 shows that the Swedish population’s media use remained at the record-high levels even in 2023 - a total of approximately 7 hours per person. Find the report and watch the webinar about the Swedish Media Barometer 2023 (in Swedish) here.
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Swedes' media use remains at a record high

The high media consumption of the pandemic remained in 2023. At the same time, rising prices and an uneasy security political situation left their mark on media use, shows the 2023 Media Barometer from Nordicom at the University of Gothenburg. Public service news continued to be most popular.
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The Media Barometer |

Moving images and social networks most popular – this is how the Swedish population used media in 2023

Digital transformation continues to shape the way we watch, listen, and read. Streaming television services and social networks dominate media consumption. The Swedish Media Barometer 2023 sheds light on media use in the Swedish population aged 9–85 years old on an average day in 2023. The results of the survey are summarised here.
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Welcome to the webinar about the Media Barometer 2023!

On 14 May, Nordicom will present the results from the 2023 Media Barometer survey (in Swedish). Conducted annually by Nordicom, the survey focuses on how the Swedish population uses media on traditional and digital platforms on an average day. This year, the results will be presented at a webinar published on our website. In connection with this, the full report will also be available to download for free.  
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Key developments in European media policy

As the EU elections in June approach, much focus is on disinformation, as the European parties pledge to combat it and Big Tech receives recommendations for doing the same. Also, important EU media legislation receives final approval. Read about this and the latest developments in media policy at the EU level in the new issue of the European Media Policy newsletter.
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Latest updates about Nordic media policy

The Norwegian Broadcasting Act is about to go through major changes. In Denmark, there are plans to raise the subsidy ceiling in the support system for weekly newspapers, while the Swedish government is considering whether it should introduce a temporary digital transition subsidy for magazines. Finland is reorganising its Ministry of Communications. New Icelandic statistics show that almost half of the media investments in the country goes to foreign players. Read more in April’s Nordic Media Policy newsletter.
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Users of alternative media do not reject established news media

The part of the Danish population that uses alternative media does not turn its back on traditional media. On the contrary, they seek news from Danish daily newspapers to a greater extent than the rest of the population, according to a new study from Aarhus University, published by Nordicom at the University of Gothenburg.
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New book delves into the future of the Nordic media model

A new anthology, published by Nordicom, explores the future of the Nordic media landscape. The contributors delve into the specificities of Nordic media systems, analysing changes and continuity in the midst of global transformations.
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Save the date 14/5: Webinar about the Swedish Media Barometer 2023

On 14 May 2024, Nordicom presents the results from the 2023 edition of the Swedish Media Barometer [Mediebarometern] at a webinar (in Swedish). The Media Barometer is an annual survey focusing on how the Swedish population uses media on an average day.
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New special issue explores the challenges of “digital disintegration” in democratic societies

The latest special issue of Nordicom Review addresses the challenges of "digital disintegration" within democratic societies. Eight articles provide in-depth analyses from various perspectives, theoretical lenses, and methodological approaches. From political communication to citizen perspectives, the issue explores the impact of digital transformations on democracy and public debates.
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Elisabeth Falk new analyst at Nordicom

In March, Elisabeth Falk starts as a new analyst at Nordicom. She comes most recently from the role of deputy chief analyst at the SOM Institute and brings extensive experience and knowledge in surveys to her new position.