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NEWS | 30 Nov 2021

Men dominate the news flow in the Nordic countries

In Nordic media, only one-third of the news subjects are women, reports the Global Media Monitoring Project. Several Nordic country reports provide deepened analysis of gender equality per country.
NEWS | 23 Nov 2021

Denmark, Finland and Sweden are the EU’s most digital countries

Once again, the Nordic EU countries take top positions in the annual EU digital index. Denmark, Finland and Sweden are the three most-digital EU countries. Norway is number five.
NEWS | 05 Nov 2021

Nordicom to examine technology giants' influence over Nordic news media

The Nordic Council of Ministers for Culture have commissioned Nordicom to write a report on the influence of the technology giants on developments in Nordic private news media.
NEWS | 03 Nov 2021

Nordic regions at the top when Eurostat compares Internet use

In the Nordic capital city regions, almost everyone uses the Internet on a daily basis. Thus, they top comparisons with other regions in Europe. This is shown in Eurostat’s data covering Internet usage in over 230 European regions.

New report: How the Swedish media coped with the corona pandemic

Continued decrease in advertising revenues, but increased media consumption, growing consumer revenues and a doubled press and media support. In addition, the media companies reduced their costs. This sums up the Swedish media year 2021, according to the new report Medieutveckling 2021: Medieekonomi [Media Development 2021: Media Economy].
NEWS | 28 Sep 2021

New reports, new insights: How the pandemic changed the media day

During the pandemic, Swedes’ daily media usage time increased from six to seven hours per day. As for children and youth, their social media usage increased significantly. Three new Swedish reports reveal changes in media usage during 2020.

Struggling with technology in everyday life – new special issue

Struggling with technology is the theme of a new special issue of Nordicom Review that has just been published. The contributions explore the cultural, social and temporal understandings of the complex ways in which people engage with and make use of different media types and technologies.

New book: Wizards of the Web

What is it that unites the ideals of hippies with those of start-up entrepreneurs? In a new book, Jakob Svensson studies the people behind algorithms and automated systems: the people that create them, the wizards of the web.
NEWSLETTER | 06 Sep 2021

European Media Policy 2/2021 – a new issue is out!

EU policy makers are appalled by the erosion of media freedom in Europe. But what can they do about it? Find out more about current media policy issues at the European level in this new issue of our newsletter.
EVENT | 17 Aug 2021

Find new publications from Nordicom at our digital book table

 - Welcome to our online book table at the NordMedia Conference 2021! This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the NordMedia Conference will be held as a virtual event, and as much as we had hoped to be able to meet and talk around our book table as always, we are happy to be able to present this online version instead!