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NEWS | 4 Mar 2020

Updates of MedieSverige 2019

To all readers of MedieSverige 2019, Nordicom’s comprehensive overview of today’s media landscape in Sweden, the search for updates is over.

Since the turn of the millennium, digitalisation has been a major game-changer for the media industry as well as for its audiences. The publication MedieSverige 2019 [MediaSweden 2019] gives the reader an up-to-date and broad overview of today's Swedish media landscape. Although that was 2019, this is 2020. In an updated, separate Excel document, the reader gets the latest information available.

Nordicom’s report MedieSverige 2019 is rich in data from a variety of sources. The report targets students, teachers, researchers and journalists, as well as decision-makers and everyone who wants to learn more about the development in the Swedish media market.


Read a summary in English online and download the publication.

The updated data are available in a separate Excel document (in Swedish).

 MedieSverige 2019 is the 13th volume in the series, and is written (in Swedish) by Ulrika Facht and Jonas Ohlsson.