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The Media Barometer

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The Media Barometer [Mediebarometern] is an annual survey focusing on how the Swedish population uses media on traditional and digital platforms on an average day. The Media Barometer is conducted by Nordicom with support from the Swedish Ministry of Culture.
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The Media Barometer 2023

The Media Barometer 2023 will be presented on Tuesday, 14 May, 2024. Sign up for the Media Barometer's newsletter and you will receive a link to the report and a webinar. 

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The latest report

The Media Barometer 2022 shows that the Swedish population’s media use during the last year stayed at the record-high levels measured in the pandemic years 2020 and 2021.

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About the survey

The Media Barometer survey was introduced in 1979 and has since been conducted every year; this makes the Media Barometer the oldest survey of its kind in the world. The survey is carried out online and by telephone and builds on answers from around 6,000 randomly selected respondents aged 9–85.

The results from the Media Barometer are presented in reports and seminars, which are made freely available on Nordicom’s website.

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Have you been invited to participate?

Have you been invited to participate in the Media Barometer survey? Here, you can read more about what it means to participate and how the survey is carried out.