Nordicom's office.

About Nordicom

Nordicom is a centre for Nordic media research at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. We offer a unified Nordic perspective on issues of media, journalism, and mediated communication. Here, you can read about our mandates and services.

Nordicom's overall aim is to develop and spread science-based knowledge about the function of the media in Sweden and the Nordic region and to contribute to strengthening Nordic media research and cooperation between Nordic media researchers. The work that takes place at Nordicom is characterised by the fact that there is always a democratic perspective on the media's role in society.

Nordicom's operations are divided into three focus areas: Facts and analysis, Academic publishing, and Researcher collaboration. We are supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers and also have assignments from the Swedish Ministry of Culture. We additionally collaborate with media authorities in both Sweden and the Nordics.

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Facts and analysis

Nordicom collects, collates, and disseminates knowledge about media development in Sweden and the Nordics. The work takes place in the form of factual and statistical compilations, analyses, and ongoing monitoring of the media landscape. Nordicom also conducts the Media Barometer, a survey that measures Swedes' use of various media. We strive to be an independent and reliable expert body in the field of media research in Sweden and the Nordics.

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Academic publishing

Nordicom publishes new scientific literature in the research field of media, journalism, and mediated communication. All publications are freely available with digital Open Access and at no cost to editors and authors. Our publications are aimed at the international research community, but they have a clear relevance to the Nordic perspective.

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Researcher collaboration

Nordicom works to strengthen cooperation between Nordic media researchers and between the research community and the surrounding society. Nordicom operates the Nordic media researcher platform NordMedia Network, and we also co-organise the Nordic media researcher conference NordMedia. We actively work to increase interest and visibility for Nordic research perspectives in the media field.