PUBLICATIONS | 15 Sep 2020

New special issue explores the geopolitics of Nordic television drama

Svartvit bild av Öresundsbron.

Photo: Bert Kaufmann

A new Special Issue of Nordicom Review has just been published, titled “Dark Screens: The geopolitics of Nordic television drama”. Robert A. Saunders, one of the Special Issue editors, answered a few questions about the findings. 

What is the topic of this special issue? 

The focus of this special issue is on geopolitical television produced in and/or focusing on the region of Norden. We consider geopolitical television an emerging interdisciplinary field of study that goes far beyond Nordic crime series, and one that reflects the interrelation between television narratives and conditions of power, place, and space in innovative and affective ways. 

Why is this research important?  

Recognising the unabating popularity of the Nordic Noir genre, this special issue seeks to extend current media-cultural discussions of Nordic crime television drama to critically assess how topical geopolitical developments both influence and are inter­rogated within these fictional narratives. The purpose of this special issue is not simply to showcase this diversity of scholarly approaches to contemporary Nordic articulations of geopolitical television – not only do the various authors write from different disciplinary fields and traditions, but also include interdisciplinary approaches and perspectives within each of their articles – but also to further advocate for the possibilities of adopting a geopoliti­cal lens for the research, study, and teaching of popular Nordic television culture. 

Who could benefit from reading this special issue? 

Scholars in the field of transnational television, film and media studies, as well as comparative languages and literatures (i.e. Scandinavian/Finnish languages); researchers in the International Relations and Scandinavian/Finnish politics and regional studies; TV industry executives and professionals in the areas of place branding, tourism promotion, etc. 


This Special Issue is edited by: Pei-Sze Chow, Robert A. Saunders & Anne Marit Waade.


Read Nordicom Review Special Issue: "Dark Screens: The Geopolitics of Nordic Television Drama" (extern länk).



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