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Nordic media development

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Nordicom documents and analyses the media development in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden as part of a mandate from the Nordic Council of Ministers. The purpose is to describe trends and changes in the Nordic media landscape.
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Nordic media statistics

Nordicom compiles and presents freely available statistics about media development in the Nordics. Here, you can find statistics about, for example, the largest media companies, media economy, and media use in the Nordics.

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Read about media development in the Nordic region in Nordicom's factsheets. The factsheets aim to describe media trends in the Nordics regarding media structure, media economy, and media use.

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Nordicom publishes two newsletters about media development and media policy in the Nordics and Europe. The newsletters are published three to four times a year and are free to subscribe to.

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Official reports on the media

Find official reports and documents related to media, digitalisation, democracy, and freedom of expression in the Nordics among Nordicom's compilations of official reports on the media.

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Media reports and external sources

Our list of media reports include current research findings, industry reports, and facts and figures on media trends in the Nordics, Europe, and globally. 

Our links to external sources include media-related industry organisations, research institutes, public authorities, and databases at Nordic, European, and international levels.