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Nordicom new member of the network MIK Sverige

 | 1 June 2020
Nordicom has joined the network MIK Sverige [MIL Sweden], coordinated by the Swedish Media Council. Media and information literacy – MIL, or MIK in Swedish – is a key competence for all ages to be able to find, analyse and evaluate media content as well as communicate and participate in debates and discussions.

The digitalisation of society has lowered thresholds of access and participation in many ways but also raised new demands and challenges for the individual. To be media and information literate is a prerequisite to be able to benefit from the many opportunities following recent developments.

In September 2019 the Swedish Media Council was appointed by the Swedish government to strengthen efforts within MIL on a national level. The assignment is one of several efforts in the government strategy towards a strengthened democracy. Efforts and actions toward raised MIL is seen as an important step in safeguarding freedom of speech, democracy as well as personal development.

The network, which today has 19 members, will gather actors within MIL in public authorities and civil society. The purpose is to develop knowledge and facilitate work towards raised MIL, and among others, to develop an online platform for sharing of information and knowledge. Maarit Jaakkola, co-director of Nordicom, says:

– As a member in the network, Nordicom will have an excellent opportunity to contribute with our knowledge around MIL research and the research society. It is important that different actors in Sweden coordinate media and information literacy activities on national level. It enhances collaboration and makes the entire field more visible.

The importance of collaboration between different stakeholders has long been emphasised. As a point of departure, the Swedish government refers to a report published by Nordicom in 2018, Medie-och informationskunnighet i den digitala tidsåldern – en demokratifråga [Media and information literacy in the digital era – a question of democracy] edited by the previous director of Nordicom, Professor Ulla Carlsson.

In the conclusions of the report, the importance of a national political framework together with dialogue and collaboration between stakeholders is emphasised for fruitful progress in the area. The report contributed to strengthening the role of the Swedish Media Council in this work and resulted in new steps being taken. 

More information about the network MIK Sverige (in Swedish) at the Swedish Media Council's web site.

Catharina Bucht

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