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Welcome to Nordicom's new and improved newsletter!

Welcome to a new issue of Media Trends in the Nordic Countries: This time with a new look, but with the same ambition – to provide an overview of media trends with the Nordic region in focus.
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Recommendations to safeguard a democratic dialogue

In September, the Swedish Commission for Media and Information Literacy and Democratic Dialogue released their final report*. The message sent is that although there are threats to an inclusive and open dialogue, there are measures that can be taken to move in a positive direction.
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Watch media literacy webinars on NordMedia Network

In autumn 2020, Nordicom and the Swedish Media Council co-organized a series of webinars addressing media and information literacy (MIL) in the Nordic countries: Media Education in the Nordic Countries – Lessons Learned from the Neighbours. Now, the webinar lectures can be watched on each webinar's site on NordMedia Network. NordMedia Network is a digital platform for Nordic and Nordic-oriented media researchers run by Nordicom.
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Nordic policy on media and information literacy proposed

The spread of false and misleading information and so-called fake news significantly increase in connection to major news events. One of the most efficient ways to counter negative consequences of the spread is raised awareness and the knowledge to scrutinise information and news items. To meet these challenges, the Nordic Council Committee for Knowledge and Culture propose a joint policy to strengthen the efforts within media- and information literacy in the Nordic region.
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Nordicom coordinates a forum for media literacy research

Nordicom will establish a new forum to identify and coordinate researchers in MIL – media and information literacy. The venture is part of the national MIL Sweden Network launched by the Swedish Media Council upon the commission of the Government in Sweden.
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Nordicom new member of the network MIK Sverige

Nordicom has joined the network MIK Sverige [MIL Sweden], coordinated by the Swedish Media Council. Media and information literacy – MIL, or MIK in Swedish – is a key competence for all ages to be able to find, analyse and evaluate media content as well as communicate and participate in debates and discussions.
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New issue: Media Trends in the Nordic Countries 3-2019

More people read news digitally than on paper, using and paying for streaming services is becoming increasingly common – and for both newspapers and TV, audiences’ willingness to pay for content is becoming increasingly important.
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Finland’s national policy for media education updated

In Finland, the national policy for media education has been updated. The Ministry of Education and Culture published the new policy document, Media Education in Finland, on 16 December 2019 (available in Finnish and English).
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From Individuals to Communities: Towards New Enhancements of Media and Information Literacy

Media and information literacy (MIL) has been criticised for having become a term that is too overarching and inclusive to have proper meaning. While concept’s breadth has also been its asset, as the term has enabled its mobilisation in many contexts, many scholars have recently suggested that it be further developed. We are in need of a more nuanced set of vocabulary and concepts.
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Youth and News in a Digital Media Environment