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Highlights from Nordicom 2021

NEWS | 4 February 2022

Nordicom Review’s cite score increased significantly, the Swedish Media Barometer measured the highest media consumption ever, and Nordicom entered new projects beneficial for media research. Below, we summarise the highlights from Nordicom 2021.

Significant increase for Nordicom Review

In 2021, the abstract and citation database Scopus presented the cite score results for 2020, showing that the Nordicom journal Nordicom Review has increased its score significantly – from 1.2 in 2019 to 1.8 in 2020.

"Over the past several years, Nordicom Review has been experiencing a steady growth in the Scopus metrics, in both absolute and relative terms. This means that the journal is not only receiving more citations in other scientific journals, but the increase in citations is also higher than that of most international journals in our field", says Jonas Ohlsson, director of Nordicom and editor-in-chief of Nordicom Review.

According to preliminary results from 2021, the journal continues to climb and is now scoring 1.9.


Record-high media consumption measured in the Media Barometer

On 27 May 2021, Nordicom presented the results from the Swedish Media Barometer 2020 in a report and a webinar. The results showed that the Swedish population consumed media like never before during the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic. On an average day, the population spent almost seven hours using different types of media.

"Swedish media consumption in 2020 is the highest we’ve ever measured in the 40-year history of the Media Barometer. It is also the largest change between two years that we have seen in our measuring. Otherwise, we normally see how the media habits change slowly over a longer time", says Ulrika Facht, research officer at Nordicom.

The webinar about the Media Barometer was aired on the Swedish public broadcaster’s programme SVT Forum, and the results from the survey were mentioned in over 80 different news media outlets. The report was also the fourth most visited publication on the publishing platform NordPub in 2021.


Nordicom in new Nordic and European projects

In November, the Nordic Council of Ministers for Culture commissioned Nordicom to write a report on the influence of the technology giants on developments in Nordic private news media. The report is a first step of a joint Nordic effort to investigate the influence of technology giants on developments in the Nordic news media – and more generally in relation to the democratic conversation.

"We are very happy that Nordicom has received this exciting assignment. We will interview people in the Nordic media industry, pick up relevant statistics and listen to all the research that is already in place", says Tobias Lindberg, media researcher at Nordicom and responsible for the report.

Another project launched in 2021 is the pilot project Euromedia Ownership Monitor, in which Nordicom is one of 15 participating organisations and countries. The project, funded by the European Commission, will investigate what media ownership looks like in the EU and develop a database filled with systematically presented information about media ownership, market dominance and relevant legislation in the EU. The database is intended to serve as a resource for, for example, politicians and researchers and increase knowledge about the media market structure.

The results from both projects will be presented in 2022.


Acknowledged publications

In the beginning of 2021, Nordicom’s publications were moved to the Nordic Council of Ministers’ publishing platform NordPub, and during the year, six of the publications made the Top 10 lists of most visited and most downloaded publications on the platform.

Nordicom’s most visited publications 2021

Nordicom’s most downloaded publications 2021

Several of Nordicom’s publications were also acknowledged in the media in 2021. Besides the results from the Media Barometer, several news media outlets lifted the Nordicom Review article “Perceptions of age in contemporary tech”, showing that age discrimination is common in the tech business. Other publications acknowledged in the media were Nordicom’s report about the Covid-19 pandemic’s effect on Nordic news media, and the third volume of the journal Nordic Journal of Media Studies, concerning the media’s role in the reporting of the climate crisis.


New factsheet series and increasing number of subscribers

In the spring of 2021, Nordicom launched a new factsheet series, aiming to highlight and comment on Nordic statistics on media structure, media economy and media use. The factsheets published so far present subjects like the top 25 media companies, VAT rates, and media habits in the Nordic countries.

Nordicom also publishes two different newsletters, highlighting media development and media policy issues in the Nordic region and Europe. The newsletters had a large increase in number of subscribers in 2021.

"In the newsletters, our readers get updates on current media policy, new reports about the media market and media consumption, and not least the latest publications from Nordicom. With almost 1,500 subscribers, we are now aiming to make our newsletters even more relevant in 2022", says Eva Harrie, research communication officer and Nordic coordinator at Nordicom. "Some issues that will be interesting to follow are the development of the EU digital regulations, media support in the Nordics, and the Nordic population’s digital consumption".

The newsletters are free of cost and are published three to four times a year.


Expanding researcher collaboration

On 16–18 August 2021, Nordicom co-organised the media researcher conference NordMedia together with the University of Iceland, the University of Akureyri, and the national associations for media and communication researchers in the Nordic countries. The conference had 396 registered participants, which is the highest in the history of NordMedia. The conference was also held digitally for the first time, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nordicom’s network for Nordic and Nordic-oriented media and communication researchers also experienced radical growth in 2021. In November, the platform NordMedia Network exceeded 700 members, starting from just below 400 in the beginning of the year. The members are searchable in the platform database, making it easy to find experts within the field of media and communication in the Nordics and contributing to highlighting Nordic researchers.

"There is an increasing need to be visible and discovered in a Nordic context, and this is something our external database can help with", says Maarit Jaakkola, editor-in-chief of NordMedia Network. "It is also important with networking, something we enable through newsletters, digital events and online resources, which we will expand further in the near future".