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Nordicom to examine technology giants' influence over Nordic news media

 | 5 November 2021
The Nordic Council of Ministers for Culture have commissioned Nordicom to write a report on the influence of the technology giants on developments in Nordic private news media.

In Copenhagen on Wednesday, the ministers of culture decided to earmark a total of DKK 1 million in a joint Nordic effort to investigate the influence of technology giants (such as Facebook, Apple, Google, etc.) on developments in the Nordic news media – and more generally in relation to the democratic conversation. Nordicom has initially been commissioned to produce a report on the technology giants' influence on the conditions of the private news media.

“We are very happy that Nordicom has received this exciting assignment. We will start the work as soon as possible by interviewing people in the Nordic media industry, picking up relevant statistics and listening to all the research that is already in place”, says Tobias Lindberg, media researcher at Nordicom and responsible for the report.

Earlier this year, Nordicom presented the report Covid-19 and the Nordic news media, which reveals the accelerated pace of change in the media market, for example, advertising spending moving from national to global platforms.

The report will be presented in 2022.

Mia Jonsson Lindell

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