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New factsheets from Nordicom

| 30 March 2021

Photo: Clarisse Croset/Unsplash

Nordicom presents a new factsheet series on media in the Nordic region. Find out about the top 25 media companies, the largest newspaper companies, and what differs in terms of VAT rates in the Nordic countries.

The factsheet series aims to highlight and comment on Nordic statistics on media structure, media economy and media use. Upcoming are also factual summaries of where to find relevant statistics on both old and new media phenomena.

Below we present the first three factsheets in the series, available for download.

The largest media companies: Telenor, Telia and Spotify at the top

Here, the 25 largest media companies in the Nordic region are presented, ranked by revenue in 2019. Four of the top five are from the telecom industry: Telenor, Telia, Tele2 and TDC Group (ranking 1, 2, 4 and 5). Only in sixth and seventh places come traditional media companies such as Schibsted and Bonnier. The third-largest company, Spotify, is the only one on the list having started as a purely online-based business.

An accompanying table shows years of establishment, owners, business areas, major brands, Nordic countries of operation, number of employees, revenue and profit.

Factsheet 2021:1 Top 25 Nordic media companies by revenue (PDF 421 KB)

Schibsted takes the lead among newspaper companies

As a result of ownership concentration in the Nordic newspaper market, the ten largest newspaper companies publish a total of 400 newspaper titles. This factsheet presents the ten companies ranked by revenue in 2019. Topping the list is Norwegian Schibsted News Media, publishing newspapers in Norway and Sweden, followed by Swedish Bonnier, Finnish Sanoma and Danish JP/Politikens Hus. Information on ownership, number of newspapers, revenue and profit is also provided.

Factsheet 2021:2 Top 10 Nordic newspaper companies by revenue (PDF 322 KB)

Value added tax rates for media in the Nordic countries

In the Nordic countries, paid news media have reduced VAT rates – zero VAT in Norway and Denmark, 6 per cent in Sweden, 10 per cent in Finland and 11 per cent in Iceland – compared with a standard VAT of 24–25 per cent in all countries.

The reduced VAT rates also apply to other media categories, but the media affected differs between countries. The most recent VAT change was made in July 2020 in Norway, when the newspapers’ zero VAT was extended to also apply to in-depth journalism.

This factsheet provides a current picture of the VAT rates for the media sector laid down in the national VAT laws and links to statistics on VAT developments during 2000–2021.

Factsheet 2021:3 Media VAT in the Nordic countries – similarities and differences (PDF 326 KB)