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Struggling with technology in everyday life – new special issue

NEW PUBLICATION | 22 September 2021

Struggling with technology is the theme of a new special issue of Nordicom Review that has just been published. The contributions explore the cultural, social and temporal understandings of the complex ways in which people engage with and make use of different media types and technologies. 

Media technology permeates our social, leisure and work life. Although they are promoted and widely adopted as means to connect people and support everyday activities, they are just as often perceived as troublesome, counterproductive, or in other ways catalysts of struggles. 

This special issue, entitled Struggling with Technology: Perspectives on Everyday Life, aims to facilitate a nuanced debate and discussion – on a theoretical as well as an empirical level – in order to contribute to a broader understanding of the roles different media and technologies play in different parts of everyday life. 

"Technology causes challenges, problems and conflicts, and increasingly it is not something we communicate through – but something we communicate with”,  says Martina Skrubbeltrang Mahnke, one of the issue editors. 

"Struggle is a key term that we focus on. Having previously studied media use in a broad sense, focusing upon the struggles brought about by media technology enabled us to put a different lens on what we were doing", says Stine Liv Johansen, also one of the issue editors. 

The articles focus on how people struggle with technology in various well-known everyday situations such as medical settings, family contexts, vulnerable and intimate life circumstances, and organisational contexts. 

Guest editors are Maja Sonne Damkjær, Ane Kathrine Gammelby, Stine Liv Johansen and Martina Skubbeltrang Mahnke