Hartvig Nissen skole in Oslo, where Skam was filmed.

Skam – a recurring research topic

NEWS | 10 February 2022

The popular youth television series Skam [Shame] has been a recurring theme in articles published by Nordicom during the past few years. Most recent is a Nordicom Review article discussing media literacy skills among young digital media users engaging with Skam through participation in an online blog. 

In the newly published article, “Media narratives, agonistic deliberation, and Skam: An analysis of how young people communicate in digital spaces”, the authors discuss how and to what extent responses in an online blog elicited by two different scenes from Skam demonstrate agonistic deliberation and media literacy in digital dialogue spaces.

“Our paper contributes to both theoretical and empirical studies in the field. It presents an understanding of how agonistic deliberation in this renowned Norwegian public service broadcast TV program has created the possibility for more analytical and considered opinion-sharing in a well-frequented online discussion forum”, says Harald Hornmoen, professor in Journalism at OsloMet and one of the authors behind the study. 

More articles about Skam

Nordicom Review has previously published work addressing the television series Skam. Most recent is “Norway reimagined: Popular geopolitics and the Russophone fans of Skam”, the concluding article of a 2020 special issue of Nordicom Review about the geopolitics of Nordic television drama. In the article, the author examines the mediated transnational cultural exchange and the geopolitical underpinnings of the fans’ responses to the show.

The article “Combining new and old viewing practices: Uses and experiences of the transmedia series ‘Skam’” was published in 2018 and investigates how Swedish viewers of Skam took part in the content and perceived the role and relation between the platforms.

  • Read the article “Combining new and old viewing practices: Uses and experiences of the transmedia series ‘Skam’” (by Emelie Bengtsson, Rebecka Källquist, & Malin Sveningsson): https://doi.org/10.2478/nor-2018-0012

Skam has also been addressed in the 2016 issue (2) of the journal Nordicom-Information (1979–2018). This time it was titled “Skam – när fiksjon og virkelighet møtes” [“Skam – when fiction meets reality”] and addressed storytelling in real time and how social media influences user engagement and behaviour.

Further reading 

If you’re interested in interactivity, audience participation, and television, you may also want to have a look at this 2017 article from Nordicom Review

  • “From public service broadcasting to soci(et)al TV producers’ perceptions of interactivity and audience participation in Finland and Israel (by Heidi Keinonen &  Oranit Klein Shagrir): https://doi.org/10.1515/nor-2016-0037