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New factsheet: TV viewing in the Nordic countries in 2020

NEWS | 28 June 2021

The pandemic year 2020 slowed down the ongoing downturn for linear television in the Nordic region. For the first time in many years, total viewing time stabilised or increased, mainly explained by a sharp increase in the older age groups.

A new factsheet from Nordicom puts focus on linear TV viewing in the Nordic countries. Below are some of the 2020 findings:

  • The ongoing decrease in TV viewing stopped or flattened out
  • More people watched TV news
  • Among the elderly, there was a significant increase in viewing time
  • In every country, one or two major channels stay on top – public service channels keep strong positions
  • The size ratio between the TV companies in the Nordic markets are quite stable, however, in 2020, Denmark saw changes in audience shares


Read Factsheet 2021:4 – TV viewing in the Nordic countries in 2020 (PDF 620 KB)

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The information is based on the TV industry’s official TV-viewing measurements in each country. Data collection is done in cooperation with the organisations in Nordicom’s statistical network.