Complex relationship between the media and politics

NEW PUBLICATION | 28 January 2019

In a new study, researchers examine how close, or far apart, media and political power are from each other in four different countries. The complex relationship between media and politics has consequences with regard to shaping the public image of politics and individual politicians.

In a new study, published by Nordicom at the University of Gothenburg, researchers from Sweden, Finland, Poland, and Lithuania analysed the relationship between media and political power in their respective countries. The study shows a complex relationship and a mutual interdependence between the actors.

 – Political power needs media attention in a complex society with an abundance of information. Media, on the other hand, need information and credible sources inside the political establishment in order to produce news and information, according to Gunnar Nygren, Professor of Journalism at Södertörn University.  

The anthology Close and Distant: Political Executive–Media Relations in Four Countries is the result of a three-year research project for which more than 80 political journalists, political advisors, press secretaries, and politicians from the four countries were interviewed, mainly during the years 2015–2016.   


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