Nordicom Review 37 (Special Issue) 2016. Media Presence – Mobile Modernities

Editor(s): Christa Lykke Christensen, Anne Jerslev


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Introduction: Media Presence – Mobile Modernities
Christa Lykke Christensen, Anne Jerslev

Been There, Done That: Communication, Meta-Communication and Presence
Klaus Bruhn Jensen

You Can’t Smell Roses Online: Intruding Media and Reverse Domestication
Faltin Karlsen, Trine Syvertsen

Cooperation, Media and Framing Processes: Insights from a Baltic Sea Case Study
Anna Maria Jönsson, Mikael Karlsson

Examining the Experiences of Older Women with ICTs: Interrelations of Generation-Specific Media Practices and Individual Media Biographies
Barbara Ratzenböck

Gaming Expertise: Doing Gender and Maintaining Social Relationships in the Context of Gamers’ Daily Lives
Claus Toft-Nielsen

News Framing in a Time of Terror: A Study of the Media Coverage of the Copenhagen Shootings
Hanne Jørndrup

Measuring Resurgence of Religion? Methodological Considerations in a Study of Swedish Editorials
Alf Linderman, Mia Lövheim

Mediated Spies: Cold War Espionage Affairs in European Newspapers
Paul Bjerke

The Role of Offline Places for Communication and Social Interaction in Online and Virtual Spaces in the Multinational Workplace
Lene Pettersen

Construction of Populism: Meanings Given to Populism in the Nordic Press
Juha Herkman

The Right to Privacy under Pressure
Rikke Frank Jørgensen

Three Models of Privacy: New Perspectives on Informational Privacy
Jens-Erik Mai

Cultures of Surveillance: Privacy and Compliant Exchange
Miyase Christensen

PSB 3.0: TV and the Digital and Global Challenge
Ib Bondebjerg

The Role of Traditional Media in a Converging Media World
Ingela Wadbring

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