Nordicom Review 30 (1) 2009

Editor(s): Ulla Carlsson


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Transitional Times: ‘New Media’ – Novel Histories and Trajectories
Amanda Lagerkvist

Non-professional Activity on Television in a Time of Digitalisation: More Fun for the Elite or New Opportunities for Ordinary People?
Faltin Karlsen, Vilde Schanke Sundet, Trine Syvertsen, Espen Ytreberg

Television Textuality: Textual Forms in Live Television Programming
Göran Bolin

Crisis Communication in a New World: Reaching Multicultural Publics through Old and New Media
Jesper Falkheimer, Mats Heide

Iranian-Norwegian Media Consumption: Identity and Positioning
Sharam Alghasi

Cameroonians in Oslo, Diaspora, and Uses of the Media
Henry Mainsah

New War Journalism: Trends and Challenges
Stig Arne Nohrstedt

Transatlantic Perspectives on the U.S: 2004 Election. The Case of Norway
Michael Nitz, Øyvind Ihlen

PR and the Media: A Collaborative Relationship?
Larsåke Larsson

The Nordic Journalists of Tomorrow: An Exploration of First Year Journalism Students in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden
Jan Fredrik Hovden, Gunn Bjørnsen, Rune Ottosen, Henrika Zilliakus-Tikkanen

The International Freedom of Information Index: A Watchdog of Tranparency in Practice
Johan Lidberg

Wikipedia – Free and Reliable? Aspects of a Collaboratively Shaped Encyclopaedia
Maria Mattus

Becoming more Like Friends: A Quantitative Study of Personal Media and Social Life
Marika Lüders

New Literature from Denmark, Finland, Norway & Sweden (PDF, 594 kB)