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Danes spend more time on digital media in 2020

At the same time as the Danes' digital media consumption is rising, Google, Facebook and LinkedIn are taking an ever-increasing share of advertising revenue. These and several other topics are addressed in the Ministry of Culture's annual media reporting.
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Denmark, Finland and Sweden are the EU’s most digital countries

Once again, the Nordic EU countries take top positions in the annual EU digital index. Denmark, Finland and Sweden are the three most-digital EU countries. Norway is number five.
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Clear differences in how Nordic journalists experience their professional role and external influence

Swedish and Danish journalists describe their role as monitorial to a greater extent than journalists from other Nordic countries. Journalists from Norway and Iceland state they have the least experience of political influence and thus differ from Finnish journalists. This is shown by a new comparative study published by Nordicom at the University of Gothenburg.
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Danish report: Backdrop for local news media, while TV moves forward

While revenues for local and regional news media are in decline, the opposite is true for TV and streaming services. In a new report about the Danish media industry, the Ministry of Culture sheds light on the development from 2016 to 2019.
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Internet distribution and its structural consequences in Denmark: A new Nordicom Review article

A new Nordicom Review article analyses how Internet-based services gradually replace legacy media and communication technology, and how this challenges established business models, control mechanisms and welfare policies.
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A media year in the shadow of the coronavirus – new media report from DR, Denmark

In last year’s report, there was no doubt that 2020 would be a different media year for Denmark. 2019 was a year of savings and conflicts, leading to restructuring and shutdowns of several media channels in 2020. And then the pandemic hit. In this annual report, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) looks back at the media year of 2020 and the impact the coronavirus had on the Danes’ media habits.
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Watch media literacy webinars on NordMedia Network

In autumn 2020, Nordicom and the Swedish Media Council co-organized a series of webinars addressing media and information literacy (MIL) in the Nordic countries: Media Education in the Nordic Countries – Lessons Learned from the Neighbours. Now, the webinar lectures can be watched on each webinar's site on NordMedia Network. NordMedia Network is a digital platform for Nordic and Nordic-oriented media researchers run by Nordicom.
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Danes' media habits – before and during the pandemic

Strömmade tjänster, poddar och nyheter på nätet fortsätter öka, visar Slots- og Kulturstyrelsens nya rapport om medieutvecklingen. Årets rapport innehåller dessutom en analys av Covid-19-pandemins effekter på den danska mediemarknaden.
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2019 was a turbulent year for the Danish media market

The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) has just published their annual report “Media Development 2019”, which describes the Danish population’s media usage. 2019 was influenced by savings and conflicts that undoubtedly will affect future Danish media usage.
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The Global Audiences of Danish Television Drama

A new anthology, The Global Audiences of Danish Television Drama, edited by Pia Majbritt Jensen and Ushma Chauhan Jacobsen, sheds light on the global success of Danish television drama and explores the theoretical implications for audience studies.